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Секс бокс сайт знакомств The animals dived to the bottom секс бокс сайт знакомств of the ocean to get some earth, the desman succeeded in carrying back in its paws a piece of it, from this piece the Earth was created. The woman then gives birth to a daughter, the latter in her turn bears two twins, one of whom, Flint, kills his mother at birth (by going out in the wrong manner, from her side). The evil Flint sometimes becomes the Ruler of the World of the Dead» (Березкин 2002, 283-284; see also Bierhorst 1993). The Mansian (from the Western Siberia) variant runs as follows: «According to the widespread among the Fenno-Ugor peoples myth myth the Goddess of the Middle World once had lived in heaven, but was thrown from there by her angry husband - Sky God. In the Mansi myth Kaltash Ekva is punished thus for her desire to erect for herself a new house built of the bones of all the Earth's birds and animals.
At the moment of her falling she gives birth to the Hero - » Watcher of the World» (секс бокс сайт знакомств Mir-Susne-Hum) the protector of all humans and mediator between them and gods. Mir-Susne-Hum regularly flies around the world (similarly to Iranian Ahura Mazda), riding on a winged horse or in the form of a goose» (Хелимский 20006,233). « When Mir Susne Hum grows older he travells to meet his father» (like the Twins in the Navajo and some other American Indian myths (MW 2: 154; Кэмпбелл 1997: 77-78).
The third of the three major gods in the Mansi pantheon is the Lord of the Underworld-master of all evil spirits and diseases.
In a number of Fenno-Ugor traditions he is the younger brother 83 of the Sky-god whom he «helped» in the world’s creation process by creating various inconveniences of the landscape: mountains, marches etc.
We need to explain секс знакомства вебкамера онлайн the fact that basic myths of the Mansi and Iroquois coincide almost in every detail. I suggest the following сайты секс знакомств воронежа hypothesis: The basic elements of the above reviwed Fenno-Ugor myth have not arisen as the legacy of the taiga hunters’ cultures. Fenno-Ugor peoples contacted during the second millenium B.C.
with the tribes of the so called «Andronov» culture. Helimsky have demonstrated that these people секс бокс сайт знакомств could not have spoken Eastern Iranian languages (or Iranian for that matter).

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