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Сайт знакомств для секса интима, знакомство для онлайн секс общения BC) the сайт знакомств для секса интима все секс видео чаты онлайн знакомства Perfect Archer Hou (Hou Yi) at the Emperor’s orders shoot off from the sky nine extra suns which had devastated the earth. The Mistress of the West [«In the archaic myths Si-wan-mu was apparently the Goddess of the Land of the dead which was situated in the west» (WM 2:431)-A.K.] Si-wan-mu Goddess rewarded Hou for his heroic acomplishment with the Pills of Immortality. The wife of Hou, however, a certain Cheng О swallowed the pills (or herbs) of immortality and fled to the moon.
Having reached the moon she saw a bare sitting under a tree. Since the moon air was cold Cheng О started to cough and spat out the pills. Then she decided to pound these pills and distribute the powder on the earth to make people immortal.
So she ordered the hare to pounder the pills (now they became jade) and this is what he has been doing on the moon since then. 87 Thuis plot is reflected in numerous Chinese folk narrations and iconography.
According to other versions Cheng О pleaded the Moon Hare for a protection which he did making spouses to reconcile; Cheng O, reaching the moon turned into a toad etc. (Chinese Mid Autumn; Ritz, 2002; The Moon Goddess, The Hare and The Lord Archer). The Extra Suns Shot motive is widespread both in Polynesia and western North America. Sometimes shooting out is replaced by just taming the wayward sun; the bow and arrow may be substituted by a lasso (e.g.
So the Chinese version may be regarded as more archaic reflex of the «Origin of Death» story.
The name of the thief is known, it was Cheng О who stole the herb, not an anonimous «cruel snake». In сайт знакомств для секса интима the Gilgamesh epics the prototype plot left, on the female counterpart of the story, only a weak reminiscence indeed. Iroquois basic myth may be viewed as part of the early Mesoamerican cultural scene (of the period starting from about 1500 BC) which survived on the far outskirts of the Mesoamerican civilization’s innfluence zone. The epic book of Quiche Popol Vuh retains some elements that probably belong to the mythological complex delineated above. For секс знакомства в ульяновске онлайн example, when the head of the Hun-Ahpu was cut off by a monster bat Camasots, the t win brother of Hun-Ahpu-Xbalanke «called all animals..

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