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Сайт содержанка секс знакомства, нефтеюганск сайт секс знакомств Marrying, consequently, his mother-earth he becomes the father ofthe three (two) sons-progenitors of the various branches of the Scythian рео/?/е»(Раевский 1977: 58). Now, сайт содержанка секс знакомства Minahasans of the Northern Sulavesi have a story almost identical to the Scythian one observed above-in its variation. The story goes as follows: «The mother was very handsome. Her name was Lumimuut and she was descendedfrom the gods. Her beauty was fascinating and eternal youth her portion. And her son, named Toar, who had become a young man, left her to explore the world. At their farewell she presented him with a staff oj equal length to hers. And she entreated him not to marry any of his relatives and therefore never to propose to a woman who was in possession oj a staff of the same length. After many years and long journeys the son returned. He met a beautiful woman, whom he desired to marry.
In her he did not recognize his mother who had indeed remained eternally сайты видео секс знакомств young, 79 while she did сайт содержанка секс знакомства not assume that this full-grown man was her son. Before entering into marriage, mindfid of the wish of his mother when he had left her. the son laid his staff alongside that of his bride for comparison. Because of intensive use during his travels, however, his staff had been greatly worn down and was no longer of the same length.
So there was nothing to prevent the marriage of the ancestors of the Minahasa people» (Nas виртуальный онлайн знакомства секс 1995: 58-71).
«Lumimuut (comparable with Lithuanian Laume, by the way. - A.K.) was in pre-Christian mythology of Minahasans the mother of the Gods and people. She was born miraculously from a big rock, сайт содержанка секс знакомства standing in the center of an empty land.
Having been impregnated by the Western Wind she gave birth to the Sun-God Toar and parted with him...'» (WM 2: 77). The Riungs of Timor (Eastern Indonesia) not surprisingly have a story (about Teze-goddess) similar to the Minahasan one, but without the incest motif (WM 2: 536). More significantis the Palaungs of Burma have essentially the same story about naga Tuzandi. Tuzandi lived in the magic lake...Prince Sxuria (from Sanskr. Surja-«sun») fell in love with her and they got married.

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Ковалева Т, Иванчук тайное знание, поведанное (поиски там террористов) специальными отрядами (СОБРом и ОМОНом) стали смертельно опасны исключительно для мужчин-чеченцев: их всех подозревали в терроризме. Рабочих мест.