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Онлайн секс знакомство шлюхи, проблемы сайтов секс знакомств, горячие секс знакомства онлайн Intuition prompts me that the story of Artemis and Acteon (see Кэмпбелл 1997: 117) is the remote reminiscence of the story structurally 81 similar to the Melanesian one cited above. The primeval version of the story probably included the elixir of immortality motive.
The «those who change skin or bark are immortal» (eternal snakes) motif is attested, by data of Yu.E. Berezkin, among two tribes in Kimberly (Australia), 49 tribes in the northern part of South America, Ainu and Japanese of the Meyako island, Klamath of California an Inuit of the Baffin Land. In South America its areal is whimsical in form but contiguous (Березкин 2002: 317, 337).
We may safely add to it Melanesia (including New Guinea) and ancient Mesopotamia. The ubiquitely spread motif of the sexual unit of the Hero with a female animal counterpart who changes her skin or feathers is most probably related to the «immortal snakes» motive. The most parsimonial explanation of such a distribution is to suggest that the discussed motif existed in the Paleolithic epoch.
In Mesopotamia a similar motif is attested in the 1 l'h tablet of the Gilgamesh epics: «...Gilgamesh slipped into apool; but in the pool, a cruel snake slithered by and stole the plant from Gilgamesh who saw the snake grow young again, as off it raced with the special plant» (Epic of Gilgamesh, Tabl. Similar story was told by the Marind Anim of New Guinea, where dcma Areamb took the shell with the juice of the chewed medicine herb and poured it into the snake’s throat.
The snake startled, grew cold and casted off her skin. Originally Areamb ought to have given the medicine to the male dema Yavi, but came too late.
In the Wishram myth «Coyote at Eagle’s direction онлайн секс знакомство шлюхи made a box of boards, as large as he could carry, and put into it leaves from every kind of tree and blades from every kind of grass» (Grannermann 2002). This was, actually, a «Pandora’s box» with multiple analogues from South America-and Greece, of course-into which Eagle and Coyote lured the souls of the dead people. In addition we познакомится с девушкой по фото на сайте have the ubiquitely spread motif of the онлайн секс знакомство шлюхи sexual unit of the Hero with a female animal counterpart who changes her skin or feathers is most probably related to the «immortal snakes» motive (WM 2:441).

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